вторник, август 28, 2007

How Sexy Am I?

На блога на Миленчето открих доста забавен тест - RU Sexy?, ето и моите резултати:

SexyTester.com says I'm 94% Sexy! How sexy are you? Click here!

Или казано с думи:

Image: You scored very high on the self-image attribute. Congratulations, you seem to take good care of yourself, and others can see this. Keep this up, it only makes you sexy!

Confidence: You seem to be fairly confident in yourself and your abilities. This is a good trait to have, and to build upon. Increasing your confidence will make people respect your opinion even more so!

Attitude: Wow! Your attitude is great! You probably have many friends because you are very understanding and patient of most everyone. This makes you sexy to many.

Overall: You're Supermodel-Sexy .

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